5 Construction

Rockspiderclimbingwall’s Project Management Team is the best in the business. Your project will be done on-time, within budget, and be a quality product.

  • After approving the install schedule and the installation mobilization date, our team mobilizes to begin building. For new build projects, we typically arrive on site once the building is dried in and heated, just prior to installation of finishes.
  • Phases of construction vary depending on projects, but most follow a similar process where our BombProof™ framing system is erected, then the surface layer or “substrate” is applied, followed by texture or seaming depending on the wall system. Finally, the paint details are applied to bring this world class rock wall to life.
  • Timelines for project completion will vary depending on each project’s scope of work, complexity of design, and products selected. Many simple projects take a matter of a few weeks, while more complex ones may take several months.

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