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Boulders. Versatile, beautiful, and full of problems**.

**A PROBLEM is a term used in bouldering. It is the path that a climber takes in order to complete the climb. Same as a route in roped climbing.    Having holds already carved into the surface is just one benefit of an Rock spider climbing wall  Boulder. These functional pieces of art,

  • fit virtually anywhere: playgrounds, corporate office entryways, outside a college or university recreation center, backyard of a home, or a climbing-specific park
  • are excellent indoors or outside
  • meet most playground height requirements
  • do not need ropes, harnesses, or climbing gear
  • fill a small footprint
  • can be budget conscious

branch-administrator-fpti-bali-denpasar-bali Custom Boulders

Designed specifically for your home or facility
Can mimic virtually any rock surface
Hand-painted and hand-sculpted
Problems (the bouldering name for routes) can be carved into the boulder surface
Set problems with “natural” handholds and plastic holds bolted to the surface